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Battery Diving Systems

Our new Variable Speed (VS) technology has resulted in the world’s first floating battery-powered hookah systems capable of supporting multiple divers to recreational depths for over an hour! Divers and boaters who prefer not to store and handle gasoline now have a cleaner and greener option for hookah.

Gasoline Diving Systems

Most popular among  small to mid size boat owners and ALL Fl Keys families, our light-weight design makes boat and beach diving easier than ever!  Great systems for recreational diving, lobster hunting, underwater photography, spearfishing, exploration and more!  

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Built-In Boat System

How easy and convenient would it be to pull up to the dive site, turn on a switch, pop the regulator in your mouth and jump overboard!  Having a built in boat system makes it THAT EASY!


VS Hand Carry System

This system has all the function and performance of our other Variable Speed Hookah Systems, but in a compact, highly durable hand carry case. It takes up very little space and is so easy to carry and stow. 

Simply open the carry case, attach the standard alligator clips from the system to your battery configuration and DIVE! (Batteries not included)